September 10, 2008

Visiting Cambodia

America and Cambodia are so far apart but to know about Cambodia is just a click away now. As this is the first posting for our blog assignment, I would like to introduce all of you to my country in Southeast Asia. Kingdom of Cambodia, one of the poor countries in the region, has seen many new developments in the last several years. She has been recognized as one of the great places in the region among international tourists.

I would now like to raise one fascinating advertising website created by Canby Publications Co., Ltd— The link devotes entirely to the promotion of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Its content diversity brings readers to almost all the important social and cultural aspects about the country, ranging from simple guest houses and resorts to five-star hotels and worldwide famous temples. The publication gives readers all the things that a tourist should know, including city guides, pocket maps and guide books. The three most famous publications are:

The Phnom Penh Visitors Guide
The Siem Reap Angkor Visitors Guide
The Sihanoukville Visitors Guide

I think this advertising website is very effective for the targeted audience, considering its diverse content, detailed information, simple language use and designs. However, as the publications deal with Cambodian society, I would suggest, there should be a Khmer version as well because not many Cambodians can read and write English well.

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