September 9, 2008

Smile, you just have been braincleaned

You might have seen Thank you for smoking movie which, by the way, did not have the country wide distribution in Kazakhstan. May be because the distributors were not sure people are going to come to watch movie where the main idea is to show how smokers are fooled by companies. No one likes to pay money for box office just for being mocked. The commercial, especially the one which is started as any other marketing video (not promising any horror with images of burnt lungs and without tendency to didactic) is great opportunity to catch smoker's attention when he does not expect to. This flash effect is better also because it makes the smoker feel horrified instead of feeling pleasant while watching funny commercial about any new beverage or smth else.
These three commercials are my favorite ones from the so called flash-effect ads group. It starts as funny video and in the end makes you feel very inconvenient. Especially if you smoke.





Zhama said...

Unfortunately, I don't know the creators' names, but I will try to find it out. These videos are both shown on Cannes Lions Ads devourers night which is held in my country every week.

Zhama said...
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