September 13, 2008


If you’re flipping through the pages of women magazines this month, you may come across the new ads for Modern Bride magazine. The magazine’s new ad campaign features newly married celebrity women describing why they are modern brides. For every celebrity modern bride that participated in the advertising campaign, Modern Bride made a donation to the I Do Foundation. In addition, the magazine is looking for The Modern Bride of the Year who will be featured on a cover of the magazine and will also share with readers why she is a modern bride.

The celebrity in this particular ad is Guiliana Rancic, co-host of ENews!, who is coincidently celebrating her one year wedding anniversary with Bill Rancic, winner of “The Apprentice, Season One.” The ad’s black and white picture of Guiliana and Bill Rancic on their wedding day in Italy is graceful, eye-catchy and her quote couldn’t be better. Guiliana’s description of why she is a modern bride simply reads, “I AM A MODERN BRIDE BECAUSE..I chased my career instead of guys.”

Both engaged and single career-oriented women may relate to Guiliana, being that nowadays more women are focusing on their careers before heading to the altar and starting a family. The ad is effective, because engaged women will buy the magazine and while single women may remember the magazine when it comes time to plan their wedding. The ad is eloquently tasteful and may ring in successful for Modern Bride.

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