September 13, 2008

Converse and John Varvatos GET CHUCKED

John Varvatos sure has a way of revamping old establishments. First, he opened his New York City boutique in what used to be the mother of all punk clubs, CBGB. Now, he’s vamping up Chuck Taylor All Stars. The new ad campaign for the latest Converse® by John Varvatos has a rock star status that combines grungy and chic. This is the perfect description for the new sneakers, because they’re not like your dad’s old Chucks. Now his little rock star princess can “GET CHUCKED” too.

The Detroit native’s new design for Converse offers a fresh style to an old brand that is more and more attracting Generation Y consumers. These ads effectively captivate that audience, by its playful positioning of the models. The models are as playful as the bright red words on the ad. It’s clear that who ever doesn’t get the play on words is probably not going to be getting “CHUCKED.”

Aside from playful, these ads are enticing and offer a liberating allure. Lastly, this ad campaign is effectively appealing by showcasing the vintage sneakers in a contemporary setting. So go out and GET CHUCKED!

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