September 10, 2008

Hip to be nerdy

Technology has a new face. No longer are the big names in the computer world old men in boring jackets and dorky glasses. Computers have a new, hip mascot. The Apple Guy. By juxtaposing a stuffy old man who runs into numerous problems with a cool young techy who has everything running smoothly, Apple directly addresses issues that PC users have run into and offers a hip solution. This face of Apple is their target audience, a young, average looking guy who could fit into any crowd (an will buy the latest technology to stay on the edge). He’s easy going, laid back and friendly. Sounds like the type of computer you’d want, right?

So how does Apple keep this series fresh? They are quick to release new ads. The simple design of the ad allows them to be created quickly and inexpensively. When Window’s Vista launched amid much criticism, Apple was quick to respond with Yoga and PR. College students—and their stomachs—are directly targeted in Pizza Box. As tea houses have increasingly challenged the coffee houses, tea drinkers are targeted in Calming Teas.

The tune is fresh and upbeat, the images are crisp and clean, the dialogue is catchy. People can relate. Apple has found a successful campaign that they have been able to sustain and build on since 2006.

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