September 19, 2008

Emmys: TV's Saving Grace

The Emmys are on Sunday. Anyone who's anyone on television is expected to attended. Why? Because it boosts your career and popularity. There have been ups-and-downs in Award shows for the last decade. Most blame the fact that critics/voters and viewers are not on the same wave length. How many of the 2008 Oscar nominees did you watch? For me... one: Juno.

For the Emmys, it's a bit different. There is a greater range of shows, actors, and actresses that viewers can grab hold on, root for. In turn, the Emmys become sort-of a saving grace. Whether you're nominated or not, the fact that you're showing your face on the red carpet, boosts up your status.

Many television shows were saved because of the Emmys. Take last year's winner for Outstanding Comedy Series, 30 Rock. At the beginning of its premiere season, NBC had a similar show, Studio 60 on Sunset Strip, that the network was focusing its advertising on. In the end, that series was cancelled and 30 Rock survived. In the make-it-or-break-it sophomore season, 30 Rock increased in popularity with the critics but not so much the viewers. Then, the Emmys happened. The show beat the former winner, The Office, and its main challenger, ABC's Ugly Betty, and took home the prize. For this year, 30 Rock broke the record of the most Emmys nominations by a Comedy Series; the previous record of 16 nominations was held by The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The Emmy win along with its current nominations has made 30 Rock popular. Viewers seen these awards and nominations and become curious and they want to tune in.

For TV actors and actresses, the Emmy Red Carpet could be even more the Awards, themselves. In Hollywood, you want to be seen. You want your face, your image out there. You want to seem personable and cool. You might be totally different from the character that you portray on your show. You want to show the fans/viewers that you're fun and excited and that you have lots to offer. They're not going to want to support someone who's boring or mean or crass. The more you seem open and approachable, the more the fans are going to want you. It's going to translate to the movie studios, if you ever want to break out of TV.

Fashion designers try to get to these celebrities to get them to wear their designs. Imagine when a highly celebrated actress gets interviewed, what is one of the first questions the interviewer asks? "Who are you wearing?" What better way to get your name out there. Remember... People Magazine is surely going to get those Red Carpet pictures and parade them in the following week's issue.

For television, the Emmys is one of the best advertising tools there is; it's a saving grace.

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