September 17, 2008

Do sport, not war

The days when the Olympic Games started in Beijing Kazakhstan television was 'attacked' by Nike campaign videos. I don't know how they could do this, but for these days the commercial which the company chose to be shown about 20 times per 24 hours on the main kazakh channels was so appropriate and even sensational. The day Olympiad fire was put out the fire in South Osetia started. The war which is usualy stopped when the Olympic Games begin, was taking its start. The world lthese weeks ived with two absolutely opposite events which became the news programmes main points.
The Nike's commercial which is named as COURAGE was showing courage of Earth's best athletes setting their records. The video is inspiring but it would have its even 10% effect without musical accopaniment which had an effect of blow-up bomb for me. This was the song All the things that I've done by Killers. The main phrase which is repeated in this composition is "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier". The message of this video even if it wasn't instantly the main idea of creators sounded these days like "Use you bravade for setting records in sports, not in штскуфыштп number of war victims". And I think that was a great decision and very effective an quick-to-react approach which the market-specialists of Nike used. The commercial which sounds not only as commercial but also socially responsible video (presented in the right way and on the appropate time) makes the consumers apprehend the trade mark as the symbol of something precious and I guess influences this label's purchase rates.
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