September 16, 2008

Interesting Advertising of Mobile in CAMBODIA

Cell card is the most popular mobile phone service in CAMBODIA.This is a very attractive and creative advertising about that mobile phone service. It is promoted with a new better menu. Customers can choose a wide range of fascinating topics now if they use cell card. The first woman said she wished to chat with a guy sitting beside her.The second man wanted to be a well-know rock star while the third man wished to be the best game player in the world. The last woman wanted a beautiful world.

The ad is very persuasive for Cambodian teens because the majority of them like to spend time chatting, listening to music and playing games. However, it may not be that appealing to adults who focus on different things in life.

I think the sound of the music and animation of the ad are quite good but the verbal messages from the two women are not so clear. I can hardly catch their words even they speak Khmer, my mother tongue. It is one of my favorite ads, though.

I am sorry that the verbal messages are in Khmer but I already translated it into English for you.

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