September 17, 2008


Has anyone heard of The CW's show, "Gossip Girl"? I'll admit that only show that I tune into on The CW is "One Tree Hill." However, it's been interesting to see how the network has to advertise to keep viewers interested. Because... really?

Sex sells. It's a very common practice within the advertising and marketing industry. You have the beer commercials with the two girls fighting in a water fountain or mud hole. You have nude men standing behind brides in wedding magazines. I kid you not.

However, the newest ads for the second season of "Gossip Girl" include quotes such as the one to the right: "Every Parent's Nightmare." Others are "Mind-blowing Inappropriate" and "A Nasty Piece of Work." Each quote goes along with a pictures of two characters in some sexy, seductive situation, whether it's in bed or in a pool.

So, what are these ads telling people? What are they trying to convince viewers and potential viewers? That everyone in the show is hooking up with everyone else? That it's the steamiest show on basic television? It would probably be that if it wasn't for the quotes.

The quotes come for news sources, underlying a dislike or a snub of the show. "Every Parent's Nightmare"... wouldn't older teenagers, who is the target audience, want to watch something that their parents won't approve of? Make something that is frown upon and you'll get young people want it.

Are the ads effective? Maybe. Maybe not. But they've made me curious.

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