September 21, 2008

Travelers Insurance makes us laugh

Funny commercials are those that people remember. Sometimes they remember a commercial and they never even heard of a product/company it is for. That was my case with Travelers Insurance commercials. When I saw their commercial for the first time, i had no idea what Travelers is. Now, when I hear Travelers I think of their funny and easy to remember commercials, which often seemed almost like a short movie.

This commercial is a good example of Travelers' style.

It is very funny and it clearly demonstrates the point that Travelers Insurance wants people to get from it. One never knows what is going to happen and sometimes in the most dangerous situation, like here, it isn't a shark that will cause trouble, but simply human carelessness. Of course, Travelers is there to help.

Recently, Travelers Insurance changed its commercial's style. They are not funny anymore, but I’d rather call them cute.

Travelers decided to change strategy, but stayed with the same advertising agency. All their commercials were done by Fallon, advertising agency located in Minneapolis. Their website includes a video in which there is an explanation for the commercial style change. Travelers Insurance wanted to bring back their signature logo, big red umbrella. The old shark video doesn't have it, but the new video does. And it has it there very visibly.

Even though travelers decided to change the strategy, I think that it is impossible to beat this video.

Language used in the commercial is Czech, but that isn’t the reason why I love the commercial. It is very witty and funny. It’s not like something you see very often and I found it very unique. Throughout the whole commercial I was waiting for its point and when it came I had to laugh. Actors are doing a great job, location and scenery fit well and the old man at the end is amazing.

Who knows if Travelers and Fallon did a good thing when they changed the strategy. Their funny commercials will be missed.

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