September 24, 2008

Looking for country brand: Borat or Nomad?

If you heard about Kazakhstan before it means you are either good at geography, politics or economics. Or you have seen the comedy with Sasha Baron Cohen starring called "Borat". The movie is about the travelling of pseudo-kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev who came to the USA in order to make a report about the country for kazakh channel. The humor is all about Borat's stupid behavior and his weird ideas about what real democracy is. The character is behaving like an absolutely inadequate person and says that everyone in Kazakhstan do the same. Someone finds this movie funny. Someone is thousands of people who made over $133 000 000 movie's box office. It was popular movie beacuse it was funny and unusual, it was sticking to memory because of its eccentricity.
Kazakh government found this comedy offensive and wasted over $40 000 000 to produce what they called movie about real Kazakhstan, the historical novel called Nomad. Did it work? Even if one of the stars involved in project was Mark Dakaskas have you seen this movie?
We can see movies about nible heroes of ancient times at least once a year. These movies are telling about well-known and respected chararchters, and finally these films are directed by famous directors. Why must an average american be interested in Nomad, the movie about country someone who lives somewhere?
Sasha Baron Cohen was not suoerstar before Borat that is why ot would be naive to think that his movie was popular because of celebrity invilvment. It attracted people because it was an excellent advertising approach to use the funny character resembling us Mr. Bin or any other comedian who is walking down american streets in his weird clothes, washing hands in bidet and searching for Pamela Anderson to get her married. Though this approach might not work any more.
Being original and sticky to mind that is the way to be popular in your campaign. If the government of my country would choose any other way to persuade americans that we're not like Borat says than wasting money for another one hero movie, it would be more effective. For example, telling people about great people who live in Kazakhstan. Do you know for example that the director of WANTED movie with Anjolina Jolie who's name is Timur Bekmambetov is kazakh?

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Borat irrumpió en desfile de Agatha Ruíz de la Prada