October 9, 2008

Office clerk gone mad or gone ad?

First I want you to watch this video.


What would you think about if you saw it? Would you think it's real record of how office clerk is tired of his routine work. May be his boss asked him to type 500 pages of PDF text in MS Word. Who knows.
This video was one of the most popular in CIS (former USSR area) Internet for about month last year. People were feeling sympathy to this guy because they seemed to share his feelings. Office workers tend to be in depression sometimes, particulary when it's annual reports' deadlines. Yes, they even tend to have psychosis. But is it possible to be so mad to fight with your colleagues without any reason? I couldn't believe it. That is why I was waiting for the continuation of the story. It happened.
Month later after the video beated the downloading record the promo campaign of new movie started. The movie's name is WANTED with Angelina Jolie. The main character is office clerk who is in a moment appears to be a killer. Why? Because he hates his job's routine.
What I think is that this video was a pre-promo for the movie. We all heard about product or brand placements in movie. But there is also movie placement as the PR-approach. According to movie's box office, this approach seems to be very successful one.


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