October 8, 2008

Improve your English. Seriously.

At least basic knowledge of English is a must in today’s world. Language schools are everywhere and people spend thousands and thousands to learn or improve their skills. One of the oldest language schools in the world, Berlitz, similarly to Travelers, is using the same technique in its advertising. Fun is what people want to see and Berlitz gives it to them, at least in TV commercials.

I know from personal experience that learning English at Berlitz isn't as much fun as their commercial. But the commercial is great. New member of German coast guard, with not very good knowledge of English doesn't realize that sinking and thinking are two radically different words. Berlitz's slogan Language for Life gets a new meaning in connection with this commercial. Music is only supporting the fun and drama at the same time. The commercial is very realistic and it only ads up to the fun effect of it. The message that English is important is clear, but not boring, but still goes thru and reaches its audience. German coastguard commercial is easy to remember and can be watched numerous times and still is funny. Actors simply did an incredible job.

Berlitz may not be the best language school in the world, but its fun commercials make up for whatever they are lacking.

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