October 8, 2008

NYC Tourism Ad

This is a tourism advertising of New York City. The ad shows very busy streets, shopping malls, various brands including Starbucks Coffee, at & t, Applebee's...etc.

This ad is reasonably interesting because it gives viewers a snapshot of the busy city in the world. It may sound appealing to some viewers when the presenter said New York people are tolerant and open minded. If getting lost, visitors can ask a local. However, there is much room for improvement. In fact, New York City is much more fascanating than what the ad illustrates.

This ad should include many more amazing places that are unique to the city, including United Nation headquarter, The Statue of Liberty,just to name two. Also, the ad uses the same background (Time Squares), which does not reflect diversity of the city. In stead, there should be different quick showing of the interesting places there. Moreover, the camera man takes the shots with low angle. Therefore, the presenters look down on the viewers, while they are speaking. It makes the viewers feel inferior or uncomfortable. Finally, I am doubtful why the second presenter said there are at least 16 people visiting NYC every single year.

I do not think this advertising is effective enough due to the above weak points though it may be attractive to some people.

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