October 1, 2008

A Charming Asia: Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

This is a good Asia Travel Advertisement in 2007. I love it because it introduces a set of interesting cultural and social aspects of the three countries in Indochina. This advertising is a snapshot of Southeast Asia. It exposes the viewers to the treasures of the three countries. With the inclusion of the three countries, this advertisement will be more appealing to foreign tourists. A majority of them generally tour the countries in a series- Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

However, this advertisement does not accurately reflect the true beauty of the countries. For example, the show of only a small part of the temple does not capture the elegant sight of the most famous temple Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Another weak point is that this advertisement fails to illustrate the distint features among the three countries though there are many. If the countries were not labelled, the viewers would not be able to differentiate the three.

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