September 28, 2008

Shop Ralph Lauren with Camera Phone?

The all-American designer brand, Ralph Lauren, recently launched a series of ads that allows consumers to instantly scan a Quick Response (QR) code in an ad with a camera phone and instantly purchase an item. These ads are descriptive of the new technology age that consumers are living in. Ads are flashing from all directions and the value of instant gratification is growing. Mobile technology is breaking barriers in all industries and now the fashion industry wants a piece of the purchasing power that it provides.

The power to instantly scan the QR code, containing a two-dimensional symbol holding a large volume of information including URLs, was sought as surreal only a couple of years ago. However, this new commercial breakthrough is cracking all purchasing barriers. If security is your worry, don’t be alarmed, because this new technique is set to be fully secure to guarantee a safe channel of information. Consumers who don’t have a camera or QR readers on their mobiles can also shop at via their phone browser.

It will only be a matter of time until we identify the shopping trend, if any, that this type of advertisement will have with consumers. This may indeed be the start of a technological trend that we will start seeing in more and more advertisements.

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