September 28, 2008

Jack Daniel's Gets Political

Ads for the popular whiskey were plastered all around Denver, Colorado during the Democratic National Convention last month. The patriotic ad campaign salutes democracy in an eye-catchy way and with funny copy. There was no mistaking what political party the ads belonged at, because it is perfectly suited for any party.

This ad is particularly suited for American politics and gets a high grade on patriotism. This new ad campaign cannot be ignored, being that it so appropriately promotes Jack Daniel’s whiskey during the presidential campaign. The design of the ad is especially tasteful and the white copy pops out with a classic touch.

This ad cannot be critiqued without examining the creativeness of the slogan, “Socializing liberally. Drinking conservatively.” Makes you think twice? That’s exactly what the kind of reaction it wants to trigger. Whatever your political party affiliation is, Jack Daniel’s isn’t going to judge. He just wants to be part of the PARTY!

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