October 19, 2008

Levi’s Reminds You of Your First…Button-Fly

Remember when you were so carefree you’d say and do everything? Levi’s does. The Levi’s commercial appropriately entitled, First Time, takes viewers through a sexy mini film.

The commercial begins with the sound of the ocean in the background then a young girl who takes off her shirt and asks the teenage guy she’s with, “You’ve never done this before right?” He answers no and she tells him it’s her thirty-fourth time. The camera then pans to her pair of Levi’s as she’s unbuttoning the first button then she unbuttons his while he tells her that he doesn’t know if he’ll be any good at it. The “it” is what keeps viewers tuned into the commercial. What are they about to do in public scenery with their clothes off? The background music makes creates a romantic yet sleazy ambiance.

Let’s get back to the visuals. The girl continues unbuttoning her Levi’s while the guy tells her he’s scared. Halfway into the commercial they giggle as they stair into each others' eyes and she asks, “Don’t you trust me” in a very dramatic tone that’s full of breath. He then gives her a gentle nod and continues to unbutton his Levi’s. The commercial makes an obvious attempt to make viewers reminisce to a time when they owned their pair of button-fly Levi’s.

Towards the end of the commercial there is a shot of the couple’s behinds with the camera focused on the famous Levi’s pockets. This is a fantastic camera shot, being that nowadays the fashion industry is saturated with hundreds of jean brands and they’re all trying to beat the original jean, Levi’s. The next shot shows the couple holding hands near the ocean as they stand on a deck in their underwear. Meanwhile the music playing in the background plays, “You say yeah, but this is now and that was then. Put a dollar into the machine and you’ll remember when.” Then the two teenagers innocently jump into the water holding hands. The last camera shot is of the teenagers in the water as they hold hands. The over imposed slate reads LIVE UNBUTTONED 501 LEVI’S with the LEVI’S tag in red in the bottom right-hand corner and the Web site in small white letters in the left-hand corner.

Everything about this commercial is sexy yet innocently as it takes the viewer back to when life was, carefree, simple and spontaneous. The commercial does a fine job igniting feelings while immersing into a brief movie-life exchange through the actors. Though some may find it a bit risqué, it is a tastefully shot and every frame is delicately edited to deliver Levi’s message. It sure made me want to go get a pair of Levi’s button-fly jeans. You know you had a pair! Don’t worry we won’t tell True Religion, Citizen of Humanity, Rock & Republic, Diesel, nor the rest.

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