October 19, 2008

How to save a squirrel

Animals are lovable. Especially squirrels, which are around us everywhere, everyday. Sadly, they often fall victims to cars. As this commercial shows us, with good tires, they don't have to.

Bridgestone introduced its commercial on Super Bowl Sunday and people fell in love with it instantly. So did I. I take it as another example, that thanks to animals advertising can be funny and enjoyable to watch (not fake as the Cesar example from last week).

We have a classic case; squirrel driven by hunger ends on the road snacking on a yummy nut. Suddenly a fast car is approaching and squirrel starts screaming in panic. So does the raccoon, owl, rabbit, mouse, grasshopper, turtle, deer and other squirrels, each with its own voice, some louder, some less. Also the driver's (lets assume) wife is screaming in shock and fear of poor fury animal's life. But the driver is calm. He knows he has great tires and they will save them from tragedy. In this moment some viewers may have gotten confused that it was a car commercial, but a close-up look at tires reassures everyone that it's not the car that matters, it's the tires. Do you want to save the squirrel? Get Bridgestone.

Commercial has a happy ending. Calm as an Englishman, driver goes around the squirrel and continues its ride. It's Bridgestone or nothing, the slogan says. One squirrel life was saved, at least in the commercial. And for the rest of us, we just spent 30 seconds watching something actually funny.

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