November 2, 2008

Logo-stuff: pay less for promotion

Some people like to wear clothes with huge logo embroided. I am hesitating if it's personal taste issue or just good job of advertisement agencies who make the brand be an icon. The logo promotes both: consumer and business holder. The logo of well-known company on you jeans for example is way of promotion for someone who wears it. It's like those who wear D&G are ususally percieved as rich and stylish people. And if any celebrity wears the unknown label clothes with this mark's logo the producing company becomes popular in a minute.

And how is about your school logo? Are you likely to wear stuff with your school logo if you are not studyning in Columbia University or Cambridge? I can see a lot of people in AU campus wearing school logo apparel for classes. Sometimes when I go out I can see some guys wearing all these T-shirts and pants with AU logo in downtown or around Dupont Circle. I think this is really heplful and free of charge promotion for school. Students, especially those who are in their undegraduate studies tend to be willing wear school logo clothes because it gives them the feeling of belonging to community.

As it is free way to promote school among prospective students and their parents wouldn't it be better for university stores to sell apparell with, let's say, AU logo for low prices? Stylish design, low prices and all sizes suggested is the way to make AU logo clothes more popular. Now let's see what we have in our campus store.

Last month I bought pants in our store. I really wanted some stuff with AU logo because to study in American University is something cool for Kazakh girl. So, only I could afford was the pants for abot 40 bucks. I saw the same pants with no logo in Target for 10 dollars. Besides, the sizes I could find were too big for me. I am going to do the gift for myself for Thanksgiving and buy a hoody with SOC logo. I think it is goung to cost about $60. But there is still almost no stuff with SOC logo in campus store, Dean's office staff promised me to order some. I hope this hoody will help me to promote myself in Kazakhstan and hope it will help to promote AU as I am going to wear it off campus. But isn't it too expensive price for mutual promotion?

P.S.: I am sorry if this picture is not appropriate for class clog. It's only I have with my AU logo pants.

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